Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hello & thank you first off, for even taking your time to come and visit my blog. seriously; thank you.

I decided to make a blog, cause lets face it; its what all the cool kids are doing. And I want in.

Not exactly.

I'm making a blog to share my journey. The journey I began to embark on a little less then a year ago, and that's my journey with photography. It began as a hobby and now has blown up to be my full blow passion; my very reason for getting by day to day. Yeah, it's gotten that serious. I'm starting to withdraw a tad bit from society too, less temptation to hang out with friends and have a good time; now I rather sit at home and read up on flash photography and study old Avedon work. Now I begin to see the world in terms of light, and get eaten alive every moment deciding what I want to do with that light; how could I make it do what I want it to..?

So here begins my journey with light, photography, people, life... hopefully you like, and enjoy. Either way I'm doing it.

Picture everyday, try to. And some words to go with.

First image, I call Power. Little brother screaming and flexing his muscles. We were doing laundry; grey and wet outside. We had a little spat earlier in the day, he's growing up and this picture shows me that.

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