Wednesday, April 21, 2010

longer then I wouldve liked.

It's been a few days longer then I would've like since my last post, but I had a nice and relaxed weekend, wayyy over due in my opinion.

Friday kicked off with a surprise party for a homeboy of mine named Stewie. All the boys were there, then the girls eventually came, shots were pouring, beers spraying and nothing but laughing and drunked falls to be heard. One of those nights for the books. New York City kids at their best.stewie (bday boy) & me


young love.

my boy Bryan gettin it in.

So the Stewie Surprise was just the kick off to my bomb-ass-chillax weekend, =D
Saturday was met with an opportunity to head to Jersey and kick back wit a few buds, I seized the chance, packed my camera and The Alchemist, grabbed my bestie and got our asses on a bus out there. It was a much needed "getaway". Sunday morning never looked so beautiful.

the bestie. ez


the attic

front porch. amazing light spectrum gradient overlay (photoshop talk)


nighttime experimentation.

I'm taking wayyyy to long to finish The Alchemist.

Friday, April 16, 2010

time to build up...

Hey Guys, thanks for coming to my blog. Been here before? I LOVE YOU =D

First time? THANK YOU =D I mean it.

Ok, so this week was a little busy. I was able to link up with a few models and good friends to get some pictures in. Practice makes perfect, although no one is perfect. Fuck it, I'll try and see how close I come =]

First is Mayra, gorgeous girl & very punctual! She's not a working model, instead shes a pretty friend of a friend who now is basically my new muse. She arrived 15 mins before I asked her to, thats what I call a woman on the go; shes a do it yourself, don't give a fuck, she's a rush type of girl with a disgusting addiction to shoes.... and you know what? she has her very own blog too!! checkkkk it out. ( )

And then, there was Angel. Handsome fella off of Model Mayhem. If you don't know the site, you should check it out. I would say its the facebook of the fashion industry; models, photographers, make-up artist, designers and even re-touch specialist can all make a profile page. I meet up with him after Mayra, he's the model and he was late 15 mins, but we will let that slide =D

I'm following my dreams, I suggest you all do the same. A really good friend has lent me the book The Alchemist...and please please please, find the time to read that. Every few pages I break out in tears..I'm sure the millions of people who read it feels the same way: but I feel Paulo is talking directly to me, maybe it has something to do with the main characters name being Santiago or just the words of wisdom spilling over every page.. lemme share a bit...

"Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity...."


"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it..."

now go read it. NOW. xoxo

Sunday, April 11, 2010

capture to share

Consistency is Key, I have to remember that.

I've enjoyed myself an hiatus of a few days; allowing myself time to gather up some work to share with you guys. If I do it everyday, might grow a bit stale...?? Either way, I have a good amount set aside to share, so, lets get to it.

sunset at hawkstone

I captured this lovely sunset on the roof of my best friends house. I bike rode to his house to practice carrying my gear and riding around. It was a little tough, my gear is probably a good 10-15 lbs and maybe thats why I was I winded as shit..? Either way, I got there, we chilled, and I waited for 7 o'clock to make my way to the roof top. I wanted to capture the actual sun and maybe a horizon line, but then I thought about it and its damn near impossible to get a straight horizon line in the city, there are buildings everywhere!! So I set up my gear; Aperture Priority mode, with an Exposure Comp of -1/3 I wanted to keep it as saturated as possible. A tad sharpening in camera raw and viola! sunset at hawkstone.

cross at ground zero.

between the title and second picture of the plaque, you can kinda get it all. Very sad if you think too hard and long for it. Remember it like it was yesterday; the cross was relocated not too fare from ground zero; the original location was of course part of one of the towers.

soho with eddie.

I did not take this photo, a good friend who was with Eddie and I took the picture, however it was with my camera, on my settings, and I edited it, so I used it. lol. No, but I do not intend to take credit for the photo, Willy Rodriguez took it and therefore he receives honorable mention and praise, thank you Willy! This was around 4 in the afternoon, SoHo area, and it was a real moment captured, no posing, quick snapshot. I was on the phone, speaking to another friend to meet up in the area, I promised willy earlier he could take a picture with my camera, so I seized the opportunity. Gave willy the camera, explained him the basics, and here we are. I must say, I love the composition, and I was surprised to see Eddie in the background, but its the best surprise I received all year arguably. I love this picture, for once, I was captured too, in a moment.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

spring is here

such a spectacular day =D hope everyone is enjoying it; I know I sure am.

I know it is kinda early; but I'm sitting here with a few spare hours and one too many pictures I would love to share with you guys. !! Got a early start to my day; on my way back from the gym along the Grand Concourse; saw this beautiful tree in full bloom and I could not stop staring, so I decided not to be rude and just took a picture =D

Early day, so sun was still set in the east; west side of the Concourse. Sun is the light source, although I probably should've filled in with some flash; had to use fill light in Adobe Raw. Still; loving this image; Bloom. Confirming Spring is here; longer days, fun nights; and more memories.

mah bodega.

thank you for visiting my blog; xoxo

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Consistency is Key

uh oh; second consecutive day, I feel responsible. =D

2 new images; pursuit & landmark

The location of this photo is the Yankee Stadium Metro North station. It was late afternoon, so I was able to enjoy the solitude of post-rush hour madness. I was looking forward to having a good day uptown by Riverside. The reason for this picture was for the cloud mural on the left; a mosaic if you will. You cant really tell by the photo, but the tiles had an irridescent sheer to the them; very very beautiful, then I thought of my reason for getting dressed; my motivation for the day. And it was, and still is in a way: the pursuit of happiness. I wanted the wind in my hair, beautiful sunset; and a smoke =D; and I got it all.

On the way; I saw this beautiful bridge, out in the hudson river* I believe. It was a landmark on my way.

thank you for visiting my blog; =D. seriously.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Slacker of the Week

so yeah....

I initially set out to make this blog a everyday thing; and already I managed to let maybe 5 days slip away, one post and I think I'm done. I'm embarrassed. Well putting all that behind me and moving forward, I'm gonna try to post as often as possible; fair enough? And When I do, I will go viral with the message and let everyone know. =D

again; thank you for taking the time to come visit my blog first image, I call Possibilities. It was taken at a friends house, early morning. Good friend, through many years managed to maintain somewhat of a relationship, although with a lot of bumps in the road. I knew some alone time was needed with some talk, so we did just that. And my thoughts became a little more clear and I saw some possibilities in patching things up. The light source was the sun, right in through the window you see there.

second image, Lazarus. If your familiar with Catholicism somewhat, then you might know that St. Lazarus was the patron saint of the sick and poor. Long story short, My grandmother had close affiliation with this saint; they told her if she prayed to him for help, he will give her good health and keep her fed. She passed two years ago, but I still think he helped. Light source, the sun at her full glory; noon.

ok, so third and final image : Free. This image was taken in the basement of a good friend of mine. The light comes from a off-camera flash attached with a sync-cord; held the flash in my left hand and the camera in my left (God I can't wait to upgrade, get some wireless going on) It was decided to have Ru Paul's Drag Basement; in honor of his show on the Logo Network. I love anything creative and any reason to celebrate life; so this was right up my alley. Two gir- I mean boys; two boys decided they will perform in drag for us, and a select few (I was one of the select few =D ) would be judges and so on. Point is:: I felt a part of these boys was liberated; and the feminine divine (whom I believe rest in all of us; a little more in gay men) was allowed to show herself through two men. I wish I could feel this free.

thank you for reading, I love you for that; seriously.