Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Consistency is Key

uh oh; second consecutive day, I feel responsible. =D

2 new images; pursuit & landmark

The location of this photo is the Yankee Stadium Metro North station. It was late afternoon, so I was able to enjoy the solitude of post-rush hour madness. I was looking forward to having a good day uptown by Riverside. The reason for this picture was for the cloud mural on the left; a mosaic if you will. You cant really tell by the photo, but the tiles had an irridescent sheer to the them; very very beautiful, then I thought of my reason for getting dressed; my motivation for the day. And it was, and still is in a way: the pursuit of happiness. I wanted the wind in my hair, beautiful sunset; and a smoke =D; and I got it all.

On the way; I saw this beautiful bridge, out in the hudson river* I believe. It was a landmark on my way.

thank you for visiting my blog; =D. seriously.

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