Wednesday, April 21, 2010

longer then I wouldve liked.

It's been a few days longer then I would've like since my last post, but I had a nice and relaxed weekend, wayyy over due in my opinion.

Friday kicked off with a surprise party for a homeboy of mine named Stewie. All the boys were there, then the girls eventually came, shots were pouring, beers spraying and nothing but laughing and drunked falls to be heard. One of those nights for the books. New York City kids at their best.stewie (bday boy) & me


young love.

my boy Bryan gettin it in.

So the Stewie Surprise was just the kick off to my bomb-ass-chillax weekend, =D
Saturday was met with an opportunity to head to Jersey and kick back wit a few buds, I seized the chance, packed my camera and The Alchemist, grabbed my bestie and got our asses on a bus out there. It was a much needed "getaway". Sunday morning never looked so beautiful.

the bestie. ez


the attic

front porch. amazing light spectrum gradient overlay (photoshop talk)


nighttime experimentation.

I'm taking wayyyy to long to finish The Alchemist.

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