Monday, April 5, 2010

Slacker of the Week

so yeah....

I initially set out to make this blog a everyday thing; and already I managed to let maybe 5 days slip away, one post and I think I'm done. I'm embarrassed. Well putting all that behind me and moving forward, I'm gonna try to post as often as possible; fair enough? And When I do, I will go viral with the message and let everyone know. =D

again; thank you for taking the time to come visit my blog first image, I call Possibilities. It was taken at a friends house, early morning. Good friend, through many years managed to maintain somewhat of a relationship, although with a lot of bumps in the road. I knew some alone time was needed with some talk, so we did just that. And my thoughts became a little more clear and I saw some possibilities in patching things up. The light source was the sun, right in through the window you see there.

second image, Lazarus. If your familiar with Catholicism somewhat, then you might know that St. Lazarus was the patron saint of the sick and poor. Long story short, My grandmother had close affiliation with this saint; they told her if she prayed to him for help, he will give her good health and keep her fed. She passed two years ago, but I still think he helped. Light source, the sun at her full glory; noon.

ok, so third and final image : Free. This image was taken in the basement of a good friend of mine. The light comes from a off-camera flash attached with a sync-cord; held the flash in my left hand and the camera in my left (God I can't wait to upgrade, get some wireless going on) It was decided to have Ru Paul's Drag Basement; in honor of his show on the Logo Network. I love anything creative and any reason to celebrate life; so this was right up my alley. Two gir- I mean boys; two boys decided they will perform in drag for us, and a select few (I was one of the select few =D ) would be judges and so on. Point is:: I felt a part of these boys was liberated; and the feminine divine (whom I believe rest in all of us; a little more in gay men) was allowed to show herself through two men. I wish I could feel this free.

thank you for reading, I love you for that; seriously.


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