Sunday, April 11, 2010

capture to share

Consistency is Key, I have to remember that.

I've enjoyed myself an hiatus of a few days; allowing myself time to gather up some work to share with you guys. If I do it everyday, might grow a bit stale...?? Either way, I have a good amount set aside to share, so, lets get to it.

sunset at hawkstone

I captured this lovely sunset on the roof of my best friends house. I bike rode to his house to practice carrying my gear and riding around. It was a little tough, my gear is probably a good 10-15 lbs and maybe thats why I was I winded as shit..? Either way, I got there, we chilled, and I waited for 7 o'clock to make my way to the roof top. I wanted to capture the actual sun and maybe a horizon line, but then I thought about it and its damn near impossible to get a straight horizon line in the city, there are buildings everywhere!! So I set up my gear; Aperture Priority mode, with an Exposure Comp of -1/3 I wanted to keep it as saturated as possible. A tad sharpening in camera raw and viola! sunset at hawkstone.

cross at ground zero.

between the title and second picture of the plaque, you can kinda get it all. Very sad if you think too hard and long for it. Remember it like it was yesterday; the cross was relocated not too fare from ground zero; the original location was of course part of one of the towers.

soho with eddie.

I did not take this photo, a good friend who was with Eddie and I took the picture, however it was with my camera, on my settings, and I edited it, so I used it. lol. No, but I do not intend to take credit for the photo, Willy Rodriguez took it and therefore he receives honorable mention and praise, thank you Willy! This was around 4 in the afternoon, SoHo area, and it was a real moment captured, no posing, quick snapshot. I was on the phone, speaking to another friend to meet up in the area, I promised willy earlier he could take a picture with my camera, so I seized the opportunity. Gave willy the camera, explained him the basics, and here we are. I must say, I love the composition, and I was surprised to see Eddie in the background, but its the best surprise I received all year arguably. I love this picture, for once, I was captured too, in a moment.

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