Wednesday, April 7, 2010

spring is here

such a spectacular day =D hope everyone is enjoying it; I know I sure am.

I know it is kinda early; but I'm sitting here with a few spare hours and one too many pictures I would love to share with you guys. !! Got a early start to my day; on my way back from the gym along the Grand Concourse; saw this beautiful tree in full bloom and I could not stop staring, so I decided not to be rude and just took a picture =D

Early day, so sun was still set in the east; west side of the Concourse. Sun is the light source, although I probably should've filled in with some flash; had to use fill light in Adobe Raw. Still; loving this image; Bloom. Confirming Spring is here; longer days, fun nights; and more memories.

mah bodega.

thank you for visiting my blog; xoxo

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