Wednesday, July 14, 2010

5Pointz w/ Amanda Baez

Hey Guys;

Its been about a week since my last blog post and a lot of planning is underway..=D very excited to see what the future holds. I have some stylists and make-up artist requesting to work with me, which to me is such an honor. I guess people really like my photographs ..!! Im still hoping to upgrade very very soon, lets see whats in store for me.

Sooo, this past week I was able to shoot the lovely Amanda Baez for a personal shoot. She is the younger sister of my good friend Matt (he's been in photos on the blog before). You might recognize her from the 4th of July cookout/bbq/pool-party fiesta photos I posted last week. Amanda saw my work and wanted to get some personal pictures done. I talked with her for a bit and discovered that Amanda had a deep love for graffiti and all things street art. Also, she mentioned how she wanted to show a more feminine side of herself. My brain got to working, and I realized shooting Amanda at 5pointz in a nice dress could do the trick. If you don't know, 5pointz is an area in Queens, about a block radius, covered in graffiti. From murals, to portraits, and just tag-ups, 5pointz has all forms or spray art.

It's not even far, about 4-5 stops into Queenz on the 7 train. You give a donation to the artists on the premises and they let you shoot all day. Take a look at the photos we were able to get.

Oooh, and this has nothing to do with 5pointz, but I did get to see my baby nephew, Evan. He's growing up so fast, his hands are huge!!! Hes about to hit 10 months old. What a handsome fella he is.

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