Wednesday, July 7, 2010

hot like the 4th of July

This past 4th-of-July weekend, I spent out in New Jersey at a good friends house. The house had everything to offer and more.. a pool(of course), jacuzzi, grill, bonfire... best place for a nice group of 20-somethings to spend the day and make sure everyone stays out of trouble.. I was worried recently, returning from Florida and in middle of butt-booty summer that I would lose my enthusiasm to take pictures; usually I'm good at reading myself when I know my work will go into remission so to speak. But I'm glad I was dead wrong, everywhere I go I have & will have my camera, its just that simple. Might sound tacky but I'm growing closer to my camera, I know exactly how to push her buttons now =D, and I can read a scene faster then before. Moral of the story : I feel I'm getting better, and here are some pictures to see if you decide so as well.

Self Portrait, lol, before leaving the house.

Picture of EZ, the bestie & the roomie, at a concessions stand in the subway station, no attendant tho...

Some of the group upon arrival at Casa de Berardi.

Mr. Jon "Famous" Rod, taking a dip in the pool. I love this photo..the expression, the color, I shot it from the deck, and the silhouette you see there is a plant holder.. =D

Jacuzzi time. =D Jets, Bubbles & all.

A la Bonfire..very grainy image, had to use a super hi ISO to get a still shot. I like the grain tho, it adds to the picture tho, very painting-like.

All I see is fireworks...

Like everywhere I go I tend to want to extend my I always ask first !!! So I stayed over and spent an extra day out in Rutherford, NJ. Next day was the beginning of this serious heat wave hitting the Northeast, so we lounged around the pool, listened to music... & the pool had a sprinkler that could be attached, naturally we wanted the whole experience and had a friend attach the sprinkler. I fell in love.. I've been on this trip of learning to love and appreciate the small things, and free things in life, detach myself a bit from the materialistic view on things. Try and change my mentality to not think I have to go out and pay big bucks to have a good time, enjoy life simply as it is; and the sprinkler was a great way to start. My creative mind started to race and I wanted to play with shutter speeds and capture the beads of water shooting off the sprinkler. Raced to grab my tripod, and tada !! check it out...

First image, Matthew is slightly out of focus and his sister, Amanda, is nice and sharp, the sprinklers shooting from behind.

Im really proud of this image =D I was able to dial up the shutter speed, get a good aperture going..and freeze the droplets, and that is Amanda in the background getting out the pool. =D

Justin (owner of the play house) had a friend who invited us over for her post-fourth-of-july cookout/pool chill out. So here is Willy (travel buddy, same friend who stood with me out in Orlando for a bit) Amanda, and a slither of my shoulder, on our way to the second cookout.

Photo on the left, upper right corner, there is Justin! and this was the friends pool, I love the pink floaties against the aqua blue of the pool. So I photographed it =D

Lastly, upon leaving. I was able to snatch a picture of Matthew, Amanda's brother, and another residence at Casa de Berardi. Dude has swagg for days & fellow Mac Missionary. =D

Fun times, Fun times. Now to read another novel. Some suggestions please?

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