Friday, June 25, 2010

Oo Florida

So its been a really long time. A really, really long time. I'm pretty ashamed of myself actually, I feel not only have I let my 5 fans down, lol. But I let myself down. In my defense sooo much as happened since my last post. So guilt aside, lets get to business.

I took the most amazing vacation, with the best people in the world. A whole group of about 20 youngin's straight out of NYC (and the jersey area, lol) decided to head down and take over Miami for 6 days. And boy did we do just that. Here is a few snap shots ::

View of South Beach from the plane, right before landing, how promising does it look ?!!

Street shot, second day of vacation, walking around. Feeling very tourista =D If I'm not mistaken this was on Collins Ave, few blocks down from the hotel.

Our lovely hotel. The staff, the rooms, the pool, the service, everything was perfect. I would recommend to anyone staying in south beach. No ritz, but very humble and again, just effin perfect =D

Love, Love, Love & Adore this picture, and the young gentleman staring at me in it. Justin Valle, what a sweetheart. They don't make them like him anymore. Nuff said.

Most of us, layed out on the beach like a bunch of chicken cutlets. A sexy group of chicken cutlets if I say so myself =D.

Party, Party Time. Some of the front, some of the back. That young woman right there, will grown up to be very classy, and a very very bad B*@^H. She will tell you herself. Heart of gold tho.

So the Miami trip wrapped up on Monday the 14th, but I didn't get enough. Better said, I was not ready to head back to NYC. I knew what was waiting for me back home. The same routine, same people, I was ready for a quick change. Try something different, and I stayed over 2 weeks extra. Stood with some great people, had some fun times, matter of fact, still having some fun times =D. Let me show you Orlando real quick.

Somewhat of the "Party House" well across the street was the party house. But over here a lot of the houses are copy & paste. Seen em once, seen em all.

Beautiful sunset, 3rd night at Orlando. Backyard of the party house.

I had to, how could I come to Orlando and not have a Disney photo?

yet another sunset, this one from downtown Disney, honestly that's half the reason I stood, the skies are spectacular down here. The clouds are white, fluffy, and sunsets are vivid and intense. In NYC the building take away, and I could never see a horizon.

Of course, me being the great thinker that I am. I spent a lot of time doing just that, so I decided to take a few pictures of me doing what I do best. I titled the photograph(s) changing skies, in ode to Lady Gaga's new song. I swear the universe bends to me just when I need her to. The song describes a lot of how I am feeling right now. You live, you learn, and you get your ass back home. I'm ready for you New York, more then I've ever been. God Speed my friends.

changing skies, cha-cha-cha-changing skies.

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